Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas, Calvin & Hobbes style

My mom's favorite comic strip is Calvin and Hobbes. Growing up, there were always new comic books under the Christmas tree for her, and eventually they ended up in the bathroom for our reading pleasure. I think I memorized about 10 of those books. We always enjoyed the snowscapes that Bill Watterson would draw. My mom had the last strip matted, showing Calvin and Hobbes sledding away in search for new adventures.

So, in honor of that (and the millions of other) warm motherly memory, I present to you my quick interpretation of Calvin's idea of a Christmas card.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Merry Christmas, Calvin & Hobbes style
Merry Christmas, Calvin & Hobbes style


-m said...

OMG me too me too! I still have the last strip, cut out from the Oregonian, taped at the edges to keep it from being completely destroyed. I love the snowscapes... brilliant idea to recreate them smaller than lifesize.

cafejay said...

Actually, I stole this idea from Calvin himself. Check out the last comic on this page.