Saturday, March 14, 2009

Agility Class

Quincy continues training with Grete for dog agility. It's a hoot. I visited a lesson this weekend and shot some video with Quincy's camera. The video above is a series of small exercises that they were working on. Grete is just getting the 6-pole weave poles. She still runs into the tunnel with her reward!

Below is a video of the longest course (I think) that Grete and Quincy have run. They didn't quite get it, but the one jump they missed was really tricky and tripped just about everyone up. She gets it the second time!

Here are some of Grete's friends, posted mostly for their owner's viewing pleasure, but also in case you're interested. Hoover is really fun to watch walk it! Zoooom! It took me two tries to keep the fast little guy in the frame. Hoover is in advanced training.

Molly and Luna are in Grete's class.


:q! said...

For more agility, be sure to check out Meta Grete.

Jen said...

Nice meeting you, Jason.

Amazing videos. It's fun to see them advance from just learning jumps at Fircrest to doing mini courses. :)

And I almost forgot Grete loved to play w/her toy inside the tunnel. haha.