Wednesday, May 27, 2009


"Thirty-eight," for short

On Monday we saw a home up in Meadowbrook, a neighborhood we've been considering for a while, that made our heads spin. It was outside our price range, but we made an offer Tuesday anyway. Today, after a lot of wringing of hands, we heard back from the sellers with a counter-offer. We accepted!

There's still inspections, final paperwork, and probably 30 days of more hand wringing. But the biggest hurdle has been cleared: we've found a dream home and have an accepted offer.

Of course, I am presently posting over a hundred photos of the place. Mom, check out those windows and floors! Dad, check out the 6' spaced outlets, modern wiring, and sturdy stairs. Rishi, check out that entertainment space. Megan, check out the massive gardening opportunity. Baba, check out that kitchen! (we'll have to replace the range, it's actually a commercial unit that shouldn't be in there.) Regina, check out those subway tiles!

It's a dream home for us.

Please have positive, house-closing thoughts for us over this month. If all goes well, my fourth-annual Dependence Day BBQ will be at "Thirty-eight." And, just for kicks, we're pretty certain we're going to have our wedding in the back yard!


Anonymous said...

I am sooo happy for you both! You deserve to be happy in YOUR new home! Thoughts and prayers are with you as you work toward the closing and all the logistics in between. Love you, Mom

r said...

Congrats, kids!

Anonymous said...

Nice place Kiddos! Looks like most of the work is done except for setting up a hammock for me to take naps. The only features I would add would be a pistol range and a fishing pond. Of course you'd probably have to move a few kilometers north to find a place like that. Love ya both and looking forward to seeing it in person. Dad