Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 in thumbnails

After the fall

This year started off auspiciously with a backwards repel down a waterfall in Costa Rica. I came back sore and wondering what the heck I was thinking. That was January 1st. The 365 days that followed stayed in the same theme: exhilarating and sometimes painful. Overall, it was one of the busiest and most eventful years of my life.

Dad and Me and a fake treeDSC_7322_weQ and Me at Jeff and Maggi's not-weddingbasement stairsMe 'n' QReclaimed spaceBedroom painted

My dad visited in January, followed by a nontraditional wedding between two of Quincy's best friends, Maggi and Jeff. I spent January through March unemployed by choice, preparing the house for Quincy, Grete and Gesso to move in, and relaxing for the first time in years. Rick moved out in February after four years of living in my basement -- it was both sad and happy, as he is now in Portland with more room, more light, and more music in his life.

ClassyOmar, you king of men.Super modelLots of beer.  Too much.Easy does itSmith's cider... almost has big as Q!

Rishi, Omar and I went to Vegas for the Super Bowl ('nuf said) and Grete spent her first weekend at my house. Quincy and friends spent long hours ripping up the floor in her kitchen, preparing it for an eventual sale which would be both stressful and ultimately rewarding.

Lookout Point HikeHappy Mother's Day!Drive Home from ORCute!We move fastBaba liked Q.  No surprise there!Candids during the formal photosGroom and his men

Quincy, Grete and I met my mother and Eileen on the Oregon coast for a long weekend of hiking and beach walks. I was getting weaker and sicker at this point, and visited the doctor for more blood work. Still no idea what it could be, we traveled to Pennsylvania to meet my family and to South Dakota to visit Quincy's. I swung up to Vermont to see Brian wed Becca, certainly one of the most beautiful weddings I will ever witness.

Team Grete's Gang!Wildflowers everywhereColors!Q in the sunBest friends (for 1/1,000 of a second, anyway)Mark the date...Vena and Simon's WeddingFirst from-scratch waffle

Quincy and Grete ran their first 5k. Quincy moved in and we started gardening in earnest in the middle of the summer. By July, I was finally diagnosed with celiac disease. Just one month later, with a fresh supply of oxygen in my blood, I asked Quincy to merry me (the day before Vena married Simon, another beautiful gathering of friends and family).

S'up, camera man?Game nightWedding Planning NightJust like when she was a puppyBus Ride home

We dog sat DJ & Emily's Lola and hosted a super-fun game night in the fall. Megan and Talina got engaged this summer as well, so we spent a few nights sharing our wedding planning. I continued working at Attenex, taking the bus every day, and re-learning how to manage stress (now that my energy returned, so did much angst).

Homestead in 1937The eyes have itReady for the Cougar PartyDeath stairs removeddad.  help.  please.Audrey's first HalloweenPre-furminator frown?Punk is DeadgigglesGrete in the snowNEPA the gnome covered in snowcutest couple ever

Parties (with DJ & Emily's new baby!), outdoor lights, and snow capped off an amazing year. Quincy and I have absolutely no idea what next year will hold for us. After all that we've done so far, I know we're both hoping for a little breather. So, who wants to take bets? hehe... I didn't think so. Let's go sailing!

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