Monday, January 05, 2009

Olympic Ice Hockey Tickets

A few months ago, it seems forever now, I put in my request for Olympic event tickets with CoSport, the only vendor to the US for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. I requested way more tickets than I wanted (heck, more than I could afford) in hopes to get at least a couple men’s ice hockey tickets in the lottery.

I got word today from CoSport that the lottery results are such that I have purchased six pairs of hockey tickets and two pairs of curling tickets! I’m stoked. Quincy is already researching a place to stay. It’ll probably mean a few days away from Grete, but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity (when else will I live so close to a Winter Olympics host city?).

I got more tickets than I expected to get. This means that I have too many and I’ll be looking to sell or trade some of the events. We got events for a Sat, Sun, Mon, and Wednesday, so I’m going to try to find a non-hockey ticket for the free day.

We did get a Quarter Finals hockey game, which is super exciting. I didn’t even try for the metal games (while they’re super-exciting and guaranteed to have the best teams, they’re expensive and the odds of getting any were lower). We won’t know our exact seats (though I did get the best sections for each of the games) until later this year. We won’t know which teams we’ll be watching until right before hand (or in the case of the Quarter Finals, the night before).

I want to sell a pair of tickets to three different men’s ice hockey games and one pair for a curling match. If you know someone who is interested, I’ll be selling them for exactly what I paid for them. If you know anyone who has their own tickets to sell, please let me know.

Oh, I can’t wait!


Danny Tolensky said...

Hi - which games do you have extras to? I also have some extras so we might be able to work out a trade..

My e-mail address can be found at my URL at the bottom.


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