Saturday, January 03, 2009

White elephant party

Maggi & Jeff hosted a super fun white elephant party this year. Quincy got stuck with, er, won, a seven-days-of-soap pack. I smell a re-gift. I held onto a super-cool apron for a moment, but lost it in the fray. Much fun was had, and if Maggi & Jeff's party wasn't going on 4+ years, I'd host one next year. The photos from the party are here.

Quincy and I themed our white elephant gifts on gaming. I brought along an Atari joystick that had been converted to include, in the joystick itself, 12 games. Along with that I included an old master-mind-like electronic game from the early 1980's (you try to guess the 4-digit combination the computer randomly generated). Quincy wrapped two sets of Magic: The Gathering cards, two Shadowrun books (the Seattle expansion; oooo) and a Star Wars role playing book. I think we geeked the heck out of the joint. There was a modern board game version of Mastermind at the party as well.

Since I missed the Insightful holiday party this year, it was good to get my White Elephant gift exchanging out of my system. Go tack!

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