Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Wild Nights (or rather, how we sewed a liner for my hamper)

Home made hamper liner
Tuesday evenings for the last three months have served as a special time for Quincy and I. We always have dinner together in Fremont. We always arrive home at the same time. I always drive her home the long way. (Sometimes we stop at the Flying Apron for snacks; sometimes we go to a movie; once we went to the liquor store.) I've avoided making plans with others and so has Quincy. It makes for a nice break in the week. Most nights this winter we've collapsed on the couch and watched Media-Center-recorded teevee. Tonight, after dinner at Tawon Thai and picking up pet food at Mud Bay, we had some energy, so we kept the TV off.

Quincy decided to fire up a laptop and work a bit for Big Retail. I decided to embark on Sewing Project #2: a liner for my wicker clothes hamper. (Project number one involved sewing two fuzzy-soft pieces of fabric together to make a massive snuggly blanket.) You might ponder, "what happened to your evening together?" Ha! You think I know the first thing about sewing?

As the photos show, much success was had. Quincy helped me figure out that a hamper liner was just a rectangle and a circle sew together. she helped me measure out her linen fabric so that it was fairly square and the right size, and gave some crucial pinning advice ("one piece at a time"). In the end, my circle was (by design) just a little too big around for the rectangle-sewn-cylinder. I ended up pleating the circle, which gave the liner a pleasant baggy quality often lacking in store bought versions.

In all, the project took less than two hours. I could make another in about 30 minutes, now that I know the patterns, how to pin, and how to sew in a circle. Oh, did I mention Quincy also set up the sewing machine, found the scissors, and reminded me to put the foot down? Yeah, maybe I should say that Quincy made the liner! (while I was blogging this, Quincy sewed a dog toy. I have much to learn.)

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